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Neuropathy Relief Pain Gel

Neuropathy Relief Pain Gel

Specifically formulated to provide relief within minutes of application.  This is a unique botanical blend to provide pain relief for neuropathy.  This is a handcrafted product that has no added perfumes paraben, chemicals or fillers.

  • Ingredients

    Naturally derived Aloe Vera gel - Used to treat osteoarthritis and reduces inflammation.

    Clary Sage - Known as a nerve tonic and anti-inflammatory.

    Eucalyptus - Curative for achy and tender joints.

    Rosemary - Helps boost circulatory system.

    Lemongrass - Known for pain reduction.

    Frankincense - Historically reduces pain and inflammation.

    Lavender - Known as an anti-inflammatory and pain reducer.

    Chamomile - Helps reduce pain.

    Peppermint - Provides a cooling affect.